A class of its own
since 1948!

Brass Instruments since 1948
– made in Germany

Bb-Tenor Trombone
"Slokar solo"

Due to the special bend of the tuning bow,
disturbance reflections are eliminated. This
enables a very good high and an easy response.

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Winner of the German Musical Instrument Award 1993

Model "Sella"

The experts agreed:
"Very high quality Bb trumpet."

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"Bolero" - A name, an obligation!
100 % made in Germany

Bb/F-Tenor Trombone
Bolero with "Thayer"-valve


The Bolero with the ORIGINAL "Thayer"-valve!

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excellent für Jazz, Pop, Salsa, Big Band

Bart van Lier -

Bart van Lier plays
Bb-tenor trombone Bart van Lier ".480/88 MK II",
bell diameter 195 mm (7.677"),
with variable weight system
and Bronze slide

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Winner of the German Musical Instrument Award 2000

Model "79/4 G"

The experts agreed:
"An instrument, which is favoured by
demanding experts for the symphonic
brass music and which stands out by
its exact intonation."

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Tradition, Perfection, Passion - Handmade in Germany!

Model 7.11
- professional -

The fantastic sound and the
unique intonation will convince you!

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Bb-Trumpet "Spirit" – Unmistakeable, the unique triangle!

Model "Spirit"
- professional -

Everybody recommends such an
instrument to his best friend!

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Innovation 2016

Model "Revision"

The sound of our new Bb trumpet is light and bright at the same time.
The easy sustained playing of this trumpet makes it perfect for the ambitious musician.

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Bb-Trumpet "Fantastic" with MAW-valves

Our innovation:
- professional -

less blowing resistance with
exact latching tones at the same time

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Bb/F/Gb/D-Bass Trombone "Orchestra bass" traditional

bass trombone
- professional -

The "German" bass trombone
in compact (traditional) wrap!

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Kühnl & Hoyer – brass instruments of the highest quality

with a balanced tuning, easy response,
good intonation and excellent manual workmanship,
proven by winning the German Musical Instrument Award already the six times.
Deutscher Musikinstrumentenpreis

1991 • 1993 • 2000 • 2001 • 2007 • 2014

Why Kühnl & Hoyer – Instruments?


We manufacture our instruments at the highest level:
balanced tuning, easy response, good intonation – and all in best manual workmanship

Stability of Value

Using top-quality raw materials, producing the instruments only by brass instrument experts and the environmentally-friendly production of instruments guarantee even high-quality for over 70 years.

Research & Development

Like no other musical instrument manufacturers, we are working intensively together with internationally recognized musicians who contribute to the development and optimization of our instruments.

German Musical Instrument Award

We have received the confirmation of our outstanding work by awarding already six times with the German Musical Instrument Award.

Product Variety & Individuality

The combination of traditional instrument construction and the passion for perfection for each detail on the instrument are the fundament of our rich model range. Individual client requirements and requests for custom-made solutions are also welcome.

Traditional Instrument Manufacturing

For over 70 years we have perfected the traditional instrument construction. Our passion and experience is reflected in each of our instrument. We always work with the most advanced manufacturing processes and apply our know-how well-targeted.

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Lots of famous musicians are playing our instruments

Professor Malte Burba

plays the trumpets and the flugelhorn of the “Malte Burba”-edition.

» Malte Burba®-Edition

Professor Branimir Slokar

plays the alto and tenor trombone of the “Slokar”-edition.

» Slokar-Edition

Bart van Lier

plays the trombones of the “Bart van Lier”-edition.

» Bart van Lier-Edition

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