Matthias Haslach

trumpet player – Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra

Matthias Haslach was young student with Wolfgang Guggenberger at the Richard-Strauss-conservatorium in Munich. In 2001, he passed his degree at the conservatorium in Munich with distinction. From 2001 to 2003, he was solo trumpet player at the theatre of Aachen. Since January 2008, he is deputy solo trumpet player at the philharmonic orchestra in Stuttgart. Additional, he orchestrates as a soloist and as a member of different ensembles.

Matthias Haslach is enthusiastic of the new “Spirit S1”: “I am persuaded of the Spirit S1, because this instrument has a great intonation, an easy response and a beautiful, dark sound. Especially in the daily routine of an orchestra, it is a good alternative to other trumpet models, because its sound is just as open. Due to the easy playability, the Spirit outmatches widely in the higher tones. For a well-balanced and powerful tone, you need a trumpet not constraining, but improving you in all scales. This is also for soloistic and technical heavy sections. All these characteristics, I have found in the new Spirit S1.”

Bb-trumpet “Spirit S1“

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