Bb-Tenor Trombone Bart van Lier “.480/88 MK II”, personal Bart van Lier-model

No. 180 11 BZ

  • brass bell
  • bell diameter 195 mm (7.677″)
  • dual bore 12,2 mm/12,4 mm (0.480/0.488″)
  • conical BRONZE slide
  • variable weight system
  • curved grip brace on the slide
  • gold lacquer
  • mouthpiece KÜHNL “Bart van Lier 8E“


Bart van Lier plays the “.480/88MK II“ with a bronze slide (normal weight). His opinion about the new bronze slide: “The warm tone of this slide is outstanding! Even the strongest fortisimo sounds warm and controlled. I can only recommend this bronze slide of Kühnl & Hoyer!“



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