Bb-Tenor Trombone Bart van Lier “.480/88 MK II”, basic model

Bart van Lier: “Kühnl & Hoyer and I are very proud to present the new Bart van Lier model “MK II”. There were still some wishes to make the Bb-tenor trombone “.480/88” more flexible and mellow. It is very easy now to go from a darker to a brighter sound and slurs are more smooth. The response is still easy, while the tone quality gives you the idea of a bigger bore instrument. The set up I use now is as follows: “.480/88” bore with bigger bell (diameter 195 mm) and brass bell lead pipe in combination with my 8F mouthpiece. This is the best horn I ever played. TRY IT!!”

No. 180 11 NZ

  • basic model
  • brass bell
  • bell diameter 180 mm (7.087″) or 195 mm (7.677″)
  • dual bore 12,2 mm/12,4 mm (0.480/0.488″)
  • conical nickel silver slide
  • curved grip brace on the slide
  • gold lacquer
  • mouthpiece KÜHNL “Bart van Lier 8E“

BRONZE slide (normal weight)
exchangeable brass lead pipe
exchangeable silver lead pipe
matt gold lacquer
variable weight system

Image similar.

Specifications are subject to change.