Bb-Trumpet “Fantastic“ – professional

An instrument developed for the professional trumpet player.

This trumpet plays easily and effortlessly, also in the high register. The special shape of the tuning slide and bell reduces interfering reflections. This enables outstanding response and intonation in all registers. The enclosed heavy bottom valve caps further expand the possibilities of the instrument.

No. 106 11

  • hand made special bell in brass
  • bell diameter 125 mm (4.921″)
  • special main tuning slide bow
  • ML bore
  • hand lapped stainless steel valves
  • brass lead pipe
  • stopper on 3rd valve slide
  • 2 Amado water keys
  • gold lacquer
  • heavy bottom valve caps
  • mouthpiece 1C

Option: silver lead pipe

No. 106 13 hand made special bell in brass, silver plated
No. 106 21 hand made special bell in gold brass, gold lacquer

Specifications are subject to change.