Bb-Trumpet “POCKET“ Malte Burba

A high quality pocket trumpet with outstanding characteristics.

As the bell and the bore size are the same as a normal Bb trumpet and the intonation is excellently corrected, the “Pocket” can be used like any other trumpet. Next to the suitability for stage, especially as a show instrument, it is the perfect trumpet at all times and for everyplace. Because of its handy size, this instrument is the constant companion for each trumpet player.

No. 111 24

  • gold brass
  • bell diameter 125 mm (4.921″)
  • ML bore
  • hand lapped stainless steel valves
  • 2 Amado water keys
  • total length 260 mm (10.236″)
  • gold lacquer
  • 2 mouthpieces 3C, for less proficient players a mouthpiece with a short shank is included

Option: matt gold lacquer

Till Brönner with his Bb-trumpet “Pocket” Malte Burba


Specifications are subject to change.