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Bb/F-Tenor Trombone “Slokar solo”

No. 171 16 PNZ

  • traditional wrap or open wrap
  • gold brass bell
  • bell diameter 230 mm (9.055″)
  • bore 13,9 mm (0.547″)
  • nickel silver slide
  • K&H-“open flow“-nickel silver rotary valve with light rotor
  • multi-adjustable, comfortable trigger
  • clear lacquer
  • mouthpiece KÜHNL 6.4M

screw ring on the bell flare
brass slide
nickel silver light weight slide
exchangeable brass and silver lead pipe

“open flow“-valve: This valve with light rotor has a larger diameter. By the optimised bore a full open aerial passage arises.

Branimir Slokar: “Because of this new valve, playing is more comfortable and clear, but also more compact in tone at the same time.”

Specifications are subject to change.