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The individual Bb/F/Gb/D-Bass Trombone “Orchestra signature“

Please compose your personal model!

Basic configuration:

in-line construction (= independent valve system), bore 14,3 mm (0.563″), clear lacquer, mouthpiece KÜHNL bass 7.6D

Your choice…

… two detachable bells:

Ø 240 mm (9.5“)
in brass or gold brass

Ø 260 mm (10.2“)
in brass or gold brass

… two valve options:

K&H-“open flow“-valves with light rotor, progressive bore
(features: curved grip brace on body and slide, heavy cap inlay in F valve, multi-adjustable trigger on both valve levers)

Option: special off-set construction (= dependent valve system)

“Hagmann“-valves, progressive bore
(features: straight grip brace on body, curved grip brace on slide, adjustable trigger of domestic plum wood, adjustable trigger board on second valve lever)

… two slides:

“Orchestra symphonic“-nickel silver slide (bore14,3 mm (0.563″)) with exchangeable brass lead pipe “B1“

conical “Orchestra symphonic“-nickel silver slide (bore 14,3/14,7 mm (0.563/0.579″)) with exchangeable brass lead pipe “B1“

… and your desired trombone is completed!

brass slide
BRONZE light weight slide
long water key
extra exchangeable brass lead pipe “B2“ (more direct response)
hand support

Recommendation for big band bass trombone player:  brass bell 240 mm (9.5″)

Specifications are subject to change.