The “Bolero”-edition of Kühnl & Hoyer – an international top-class

Modern, professional trombones with masterly manufacturing and precise intonation for musicians with high demands to the instrument.

special featuresDSCF0032-1
Curved grip braces on body and slide enable a special comfortable and tirelessly holding position of the trombone. Special nickel silver rotary valves with valve exit enable, because of its soft bow run, an ideal undisturbed air outlet. Short ways of the valve levers with low-maintenance mechanism through mini ball joint. The adjustable trigger completes the user-friendly design.

lead pipes
The Bolero trombones with “open flow”-valve, “Hagmann”- and “Thayer”-valve are supplied with the lead pipe T2 as standard. Because of the thicker wall thickness this lead pipe has a very direct response and centered sound. The lead pipe T1 with a slightly thinner wall thickness is preferred by the musicians searching for a soft and voluminous sound.

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