Bb-Trumpet “Spirit“ – professional

Traditionally manufactured, with passion for perfection!

A trumpet which inspires!

No. 106 15

  • brass bell
  • bell diameter 125 mm (4.921″)
  • ML bore
  • hand lapped stainless steel valves
  • brass lead pipe
  • stopper on 1st and 3rd valve slide
  • 2 Amado water keys
  • clear lacquer
  • heavy bottom valve caps
  • mouthpiece 1C

No. 106 15 S brass bell, silver plated
Nr. 106 25    gold brass bell, clear lacquer

Top characteristics:
good response, powerful tone, vibrant sound.

Individual adaptions are possible with different bells:
S0 = light, S1 = standard

Option:  reversed lead pipe

The heavy bottom valve caps enable an individual adjustment of the sound.

Accessories: divisible weight system

Bb-Trumpet “Spirit” – Unmistakeable, the unique triangle!

Specifications are subject to change.