Bb-Trumpet “PREMIUM” Malte Burba

A first class instrument for the classical musician. The trumpet model “PREMIUM” with the patent-pending MAW-valves completes our trumpet portfolio to the top. The MAW-valves solve a previously open problem: less blowing resistance with exact latching tones at the same time. In connection with the perfectly processed gold brass bell, this instrument sets new standards […]

Bb-Trumpet “UNIVERSAL” Malte Burba

The model “Universal” is suitable for universal usage. Response and intonation are excellent, especially in the middle and high registers. The gold brass lead pipe and the gold brass tuning slide guarantee durability and stability. The included extra heavy valve caps enable an individual adjustment of the sound. Relaunch of the trumpet “Universal” Malte Burba […]

Bb-Trumpet “UNIVERSAL” Malte Burba with silver lead pipe

The brass bell with the massive silver lead pipe guarantees easiest response in every register. The balanced mass permits an ideal average value between low blowing resistance and precise catching the tone. Even so, the excellent gold lacquer finish enables a never glaring sound. Relaunch of the trumpet “Universal” Malte Burba Nr. 110 14 J […]

Bb-Trumpet “POCKET“ Malte Burba

A high quality pocket trumpet with outstanding characteristics. As the bell and the bore size are the same as a normal Bb trumpet and the intonation is excellently corrected, the “Pocket” can be used like any other trumpet. Next to the suitability for stage, especially as a show instrument, it is the perfect trumpet at […]

High Bb/A-Trumpet “PICCOLO“ Malte Burba

This modern Bb/A piccolo trumpet meets all needs! To ensure the best combination for each player and piece of music, this trumpet comes with four lead pipes and two mouthpieces for trumpet and cornet. A heavy valve cap is enclosed. It can fulfill its purpose especially well on the third or fourth valve: the overtones […]

C-Trumpet “CLASSICUM C“ Malte Burba

The ideal instrument for the soloist: excellent, very easy response, perfect intonation and it plays like a B-flat trumpet! These characteristics have been achieved by reducing the total length of the instrument proportionally, rather than maintaining the bell length of the B-flat trumpet – as it is usually the case. The resulting longer lead pipe […]

Bb-Flugelhorn “Universal FL“ Malte Burba

An excellent instrument in French style. In order to enable every player to assemble the ideal combination for himself and the corresponding piece of music, the instrument has been designed to be used with two different lead pipes and two mouthpieces for flugelhorn and trumpet. For the soloist, this instrument offers a rich and full […]