C-Bass Trumpet

No. 262 11 brass bell diameter 170 mm (6.693″) bore 12,0 mm (0.472″) 4 high-quality rotary valves trigger 2 water keys gold lacquer mouthpiece KÜHNL Alto Option: Bb main tuning slide   By the two main tuning slides (Bb and C) the bass trumpet can be used universally in classical symphony orchestra, concert band and […]

Bb-Bass Trumpet

No. 261 11 brass bell diameter 220 mm (8.661″) bore 13,0 mm (0.512″) compact design 3 high-quality rotary valves Amado water key water key on 3rd valve slide gold lacquer mouthpiece KÜHNL 6.4-S Image similar.

heavy cap

The heavy valve caps allow an individual adjustment of the sound. valve caps for K&H-trumpets Also available as single part.

main tuning slide trigger

universal “up/down” main tuning slide trigger for baritone and tenor horn