Quality and guarantee

Award-winning quality with guarantee

Security when buying an instrument due to the high standards of our manufacture.

When you choose a brass instrument from Kühnl & Hoyer, you are demonstrating a sense of quality and high value. All of our instruments are in a class of their own among musical instruments. They are the result of more than seven decades of instrument manufacturing, the accumulated knowledge of four generations of our family as well as the close cooperation with professional musicians in all stages of development and production.

The traditionally handicraft production we learned from our ancestors, is combined with the latest technology, thus uniting the best of both worlds: absolute precision and consistency across all product lines, wonderfully easy playability as well as exact response and an attractive design. This quality pays off for you both in the musical sense through an unmistakable sound and the improvement of your playing, as well as in the value of the instrument itself.


Eight-time winner of the German Musical Instrument Award

Eight-time winner of the German Musical Instrument Award

Musicians from all over the world rely on brass instruments from Kühnl & Hoyer for their performance. The reliably consistent quality within each line guarantees that the characteristics of the instrument delivered will match the selection made at the audition. Balanced tuning, easy response as well as good intonation help you to gain more confidence – especially important for long playing and public performances. We ensure that the souch of each of our instruments are absolutely precise by means of testing with measuring computers. The fact that our instruments have won the German Musical Instrument Award eight times in the meantime speaks for itself.

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Instruments that inspire professional and amateur musicians

What is good for the professional is even better for the beginner and amateur musician

Especially when a budding musician is not yet completely confident in handling a brass instrument, this musician will benefit from the ease of use of our products. Because they are so easy to play, you can fully concentrate on your own technique and on improving your playing. Success is achieved more quickly and motivation remains high.

In addition to the advantages during play, our products are characterised by an almost maintenance-free longevity. Should you one day discover your love for a new instrument or have other reasons for a resale, this is possible at any time at a fair price for you. Due to their high quality, the brass instruments from our manufactory have a particularly stable value and find happy buyers even in used condition.

Certificate and guarantee promise

Every single one of our instruments receives its own certificate with the attestation of manufacture in our company, as well as the model and serial number. This ensures that the instrument can be clearly identified as a product of our manufactory at any time, even if it is resold several times. Buyers of used instruments receive security about the quality and value of the piece with the corresponding certificate.

The warranty is determined according to legal regulations. Each of out instruments comes with a two-year warranty, valid from the time of the new purchase. This warranty applies to material and workmanship.

You are a specialist retailer for high-quality musical instruments and would like to complete your range with brass instruments from our manufacture? Then please contact us! In a personal appointment we will clarify with you the possibility of a promising cooperation.

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