The history of our manufactory

Brass instrument manufacturing for more than seven decades - how it all began

After the war and the expulsion from the Sudetenland, Adolf and Josef Kühnl founded the company together with Emil Hoyer in the municipality of Markt Erlbach in 1948. The municipality made the clubhouse of the rifle association available to them as a production site. The starting capital of the three company founders was – apart from the at that time sparsely available tools – the traditional knowledge about the construction of brass instruments, so that the production of trumpets with piston valves and the repair of brass instruments could be started.


Success was not long in coming

After the currency reform, the factory equipment was adapted to the technical progress and the production range was expanded. Due to the continuous increase in demand for Kühnl & Hoyer instruments, an expansion of the production facilities became necessary and was realized by a new building of the production plant in 1952. With, for that time, technically sophisticated production rooms and the preservation of the art of instrument manufacturing by hand, the company remained on the road to success. As early as 1957, an extension was added to the factory building to enlarge it once again.


Four generations - a joint life's work

Co-founder Emil Hoyer retired from the business in 1962, which was initially continued by the remaining owners Adolf and Josef Kühnl before they handed it over to their successors and the next younger generation of the Kühnl family. In the meantime, the company is managed by Dieter Kühnl as managing director. He is supported by his daughter Manuela Kühnl and his son-in-law Ralf Waidhas-Kühnl. Together, they are preparing to take over the management and responsibility for the tradition-rich business. The valuable heritage of the Kühnl & Hoyer families has the best prospects for a continued bright future.

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