Our brass instruments - brass instruments at their best!

Produced in Germany – sought-after by musicians from all over the world

With a brass instrument, produced in our manufactory in Markt Erlbach, you bring something special into your home. In our opinion, an instrument is not just an arbitrary object, but something that accompanies a person on their musical journey. When choosing your brass instrument, you should therefore not make any compromises and only settle for an instrument of high quality that really suits you and your playing. This will provide the best conditions for the development of your musical skills.

Once you have made your choice, you do not have to wait long for your new favourite instrument. Thanks to our well-structured workshop, your orders can be delivered at short notice. Every instrument that leaves our factory has undergone a strict quality control and has already been tested and is therefore immediately ready for you to play.

We present our extensive range of models below

If you have fallen in love with an instrument while looking through our top-class selection and would like to try it out, or if you are still undecided, a visit to our showroom is just the right thing for you. Here you can test at your pleasure before deciding to buy. Please be sure to make an appointment with us before your visit so that a personal contact person can be there to advise you. We look forward to seeing you!

Our award-winning instruments at the German Musical Instrument Award

NZ-B-F-Tenorposaune 547 G

Bb/F-tenor trombone model “139 GF“

B-Trompete SELLA von Kühnl & Hoyer

Bb-trumpet model “SELLA G“

B-Bariton von Kühnl & Hoyer in messing

Bb-baritone model “79/4 G“

NZ-B-F-tenorposaune Bolero Large

Bb/F-tenor trombone model “BOLERO F/LARGE”

Vollaufnahme einer Bassposaune Orchestra mit open-floe-Ventil

Bb/F/Gb/D-bass trombone “ORCHESTRA BASS”


Bb-tenor trombone BART VAN LIER “.512“

B-Trompete Topline von Kühnl & Hoyer

Bb-trumpet “TOPLINE G“

Blechblasinstrument in Farbe messing von Kühnl & Hoyer

Bb/F-tenor trombone “BOLERO” WITH “OPEN FLOW”-VALVE

You are a specialist retailer for high-quality musical instruments and would like to complete your range with brass instruments from our manufacture? Then please contact us! In a personal appointment we will clarify with you the possibility of a promising cooperation.

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