The brass instruments manufacture

Insights into our workshop

In our workshop for instrument making in Markt Erlbach in Middle Franconia, we manufacture instruments for the highest demands. Our enthusiastic customers include professional musicians as well as beginners and amateur musicians. As a family company with around 25 employees, we are specialised in the construction of trumpets, cornets, flugelhorns, trombones, tenor and baritone horns as well as signal and hunting instruments. The special thing about this is that the entire process – from the development to the finished instrument – takes place on our premises. A brass instrument from our manufactory thus bears the label 100% “Made in Germany”.

Development in collaboration with recognised professional musicians

The development of our product lines always takes place in cooperation with recognised musicians and music educators. For example, the Slokar trombone series was developed with the well-known soloist and pedagogue, Professor Branimir Slokar, and has since been presented by the Slokar trombone quartet at concerts worldwide.

Trumpets and flugelhorns are the specialty of our partner Professor Malte Burba – known worldwide through concerts and brass workshops as well as a gifted trumpet virtuoso. Together with him we produce trumpets and flugelhorns for universal use as well as for professional use under the name “Malte Burba-Edition”.

Our trombone models bear the signature of the Dutch jazz trombonist and docent at the Hilversum Conservatory, Bart van Lier, and are suitable for jazz and big band as well as symphonic use.


Malte Burba



jazz trombonist


Traditional craftsmanship meets computer-aided technology

As a handicraft company with a long tradition, we by no means close our minds to the advantages of modern technology. On the contrary, by making the most of the available possibilities, we create musical instruments of exceptional quality. Traditional skills are supplemented by industrial technology and computer-aided measuring and adjustment methods to achieve the greatest possible manufacturing precision. It goes without saying that we pay attention to environmental sustainability in all processes.

We have been passing on the craft of brass instrument manufacturing to apprentices since 1949. In this way we secure the valuable knowledge of instrument construction and keep the qualification of our team high. The instruments are made by journeymen and master craftsmen in our manufactory.

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