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Finest brass Made in Germany

As an experienced and innovative manufacturer of brass instruments from beautiful Middle Franconia in Germany, we and our 25 employees focus on the perfect balance of craftsmanship and technology. For the further development of our instruments, we rely exclusively on experts in the brass subject such as Malte Burba, Branimir Slokar or Bart van Lier. With them, we rely on 100% manufacturing in Germany and deliver consistently high quality for a unique sound and more playing pleasure. As a multiple winner of the German Musical Instrument Award, our family business, now in its 4th generation, contributes not only to the improved performance of professional players such as Till Brönner, but also to yours!

Always strike the right note - with a brass instrument from our manufacture

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When you touch people by playing an instrument, spreading good humour and joie de vivre, then musicians’ dreams come true. In addition to musical talent and a lot of practice, it depends to a large extent on the instrument you play how – or whether – this goal is achieved and how much joy you will feel as the player. The first-class piston valve instruments, trombones and rotary valve instruments from our manufacture all guarantee a balanced tuning and easy response as well as good intonation – essential qualities that give your playing the desired polish.

Easy response and playability with precise sound means a great relief for the beginners among you when entering this fantastic hobby and promises a noticeable sense of achievement.

Otherwise, brass instruments of inferior quality unfortunately all too quickly spoil the joy of the newly discovered passion. Therefore, rely exclusively on high-quality products right from the start to achieve the best possible progress.

The experienced players, professional musicians and experts among you will appreciate the award-winning quality of our brass instruments, which is essential for them in their quest for constant musical improvement. In addition to pleasant timbre and precise tones tested by measuring computers, we pay special attention to the ergonomic ease of use of all our instruments, so that even prolonged playing, for example in the orchestra and at concerts, is possible comfortably and without fatigue. This helps your performance to be secure throughout the entire playing time.


Instruments that inspire professional and amateur musicians

Our range - Instruments for music enthusiasts and connoisseurs

When developing our instruments, we rely on more than 70 years of professional experience and close cooperation with renowned musicians and music educators. Only when the result delights everyone involved in the process, each new instrument find its place in our carefully selected assortment for you.

Furthermore, our portfolio includes signal instruments, hunting horns and matching accessories.
Take a look at our hand-picked selection on the following pages and find the perfect dream instrument for you.

If you have your eye on a special piece, we cordially invite you to try it out – by prior appointment – in our showroom here in Markt Erlbach.

Matter of Honor

Consistently high quality, durability and value retention

The quality of brass instruments is a matter of honour at Kühnl & Hoyer

For four generations now, we have been running our company out of love for the instrument and with enthusiasm for music. In so many decades of work in instrument manufacturing, very clear values have crystallised for us that we absolutely want to offer our customers. Even in the selection of raw materials, we place great value on high-quality materials that are completely safe for the player’s health, even when used very frequently. The manufacture of all components in Germany, the resulting consistently high quality and constant tonality within a product line as well as ease of maintenance and durability guarantee you the best possible performance, long enjoyment of your instrument as well as its stable value even after years of use. The diversity of our model range leaves no musician’s wishes unfulfilled, and if it does, customisation according to your ideas is possible at any time.


Eight times with the German Musical Instrument Award

The fact that we have won the German Musical Instrument Award eight times in the meantime proves that we are on the right track with the high demands we make on our way of instrument production.

Bild des Deutschen Musikinstrumentenpreises
Logo Deutscher Musikinstrumentenpreis 2021


We develop in collaboration with successful musicians

Many well-known musicians are significantly involved in our developments and are themselves enthusiastic players of our instruments

No one knows better than a full-blooded musician what is important when playing brass instruments. This is the reason why we work intensively with successful artists in the development and optimisation of our product lines. They can tell us what an instrument must offer in order to inspire players and listeners. It is the perfect blend of handicraft in instrument manufacturing combined with the precise use of state-of-the-art technology. As a consequence, many famous musicians prefer instruments manufactured by us for their performance.

If you would like to experience us and our instruments in action, we recommend our videos on YouTube for a first introduction. Of course, you can find out even more by contacting us directly. Personal contact persons with comprehensive expertise look forward to your inquiries. Feel free to call or send us your message by e-mail.

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Our anniversary fanfare for the 70th anniversary, composed by Dieter Wendel:
The “Fanfare Kühnl & Hoyer 2018″

You are a specialist retailer for high-quality musical instruments and would like to complete your range with brass instruments from our manufacture? Then please contact us! In a personal appointment we will clarify with you the possibility of a promising cooperation.

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