Care tips

Care Tips for your brass instrument

Treatment and care tips

  • Care
    Before and after playing, apply a few drops of valve oil to each individual valve and move them up and down. For instruments with Amado water keys, apply a drop of oil to the water key from time to time.
  • Cleaning the valves and valve casings
    Unscrew the valve cap, remove the valves carefully and place them on a linen cloth. Remove impurities from the valves with a soft linen cloth. Unscrew the bottom valve cap from the casings, clean the inside
    of the valve cap with a cleaning rod wrapped in linen cloth and screw the bottom valve caps back on.
    Insert valves: Follow the sequence 1, 2, 3! Apply a few drops of oil to the valves. Tighten the valve caps and move the valves up and down.
  • Slides
    Press the particular valve while pulling out the slide.
    Remove all impurities from the surface of the inner and outer slide using a cleaning rod and rag. Apply slide grease evenly to the sliding surfaces, push in the slides while keeping the valve pressed.
  • Cleaning the trombone slide
    Rinse the outer slide with soapy water and clean it with the trombone slide wiper and a lint-free cloth.
    Rinse both inner slide tubes with soapy water. Clean the sliding surface of the inner slide with a soft linen cloth and apply SLIDE-O-MIX RAPID COMFORT sparingly to both inner slide tubes. Apply evenly – by a rotating pulling motion – on each inner slide tubes with the outer slide. Adding water with a water sprayer
    can be helpful if necessary. For trombones with exchangeable leadpipe: grease the threads and the leadpipe regularly.
  • Care of the rotary valve
    Rotary valve should be oiled by applying rotary valve oil at the spindle bearings (under the back cap and under the stop arm) from time to time.
    The moving parts of the lever mechanisms and mini ball joints should be oiled periodically with the rotary valve oil.
  • Care
    If the rotary valve instrument is played regularly, the valves require hardly any oil. The rotary valves should be oiled if the instrument is not played for a longer period of time in order to avoid blocking. Oil the valve lever support bar and the minibal ball joints with acid-free oil every now and again.
  • Rotary valves
    Rotary valves should be oiled on occasion by applying rotary valve oil at the spindle bearings (under the back cap and under the stop arm). If necessary, also apply thin valve oil to the second valve slide.
  • Slides
    Pull out the slides every now and then and remove all impurities from the surface of the inner and outer slides using a cleaning rod and rag. Rinse the slides with lukewarm water and allow them to dry thoroughly. Apply slide grease evenly to the sliding surfaces and push in the slides.

The following tips apply equally to all brass instruments

  • Care against corrosion
    The most important task is to remove the moisture that has collected in the instrument after each use.
    Under no circumstances should the instrument be stored in the case while it is still damp. This will promote corrosion in the long term. Run clean water through the instrument at regular intervals and then remove the residue with the help of a pull-through wiper and allow the instrument to dry out completely in the air.
  • Care of the surface
    Since your instrument is lacquered or silver-plated, you should polish it with a soft cloth after playing, especially in places where the instrument is held.
    Lacquered instruments can also be treated with a commercially available lacquer care product. The instrument can cause or intensify nickel allergies in direct contact with the skin due to the nickel-plated parts or the nickel silver parts.
  • Cleaning the mouthpiece
    A mouthpiece hole that is narrowed by dirt reduces the quality of the instrument‘s response considerably.
    Therefore, clean the hole with a mouthpiece brush and water from time to time.

If you pay attention to these tips and care for your brass instrument regularly, it will reward you with reliable, enjoyable playing and long-term appeal. If you have any questions regarding the care or need the assistance of a professional, please feel free to contact us.

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