BB-tenor trombone “Edith” – very flexible and versatile

After a long development time it is now finished:

the Bb-tenor trombone “Edith” model Nils Wogram.

Named in memory of his father, which also underlines our sense of tradition as a family business.

The Bb tenor trombone is equipped with a large bell (220 mm) and a nickel silver light weight slide (bore 13.4 mm). This brings great tonal flexibility.

The trombone is versatile and can therefore be used in many different areas. This corresponds to the needs of Nils Wogram’s musical activities, but also to the increased demands on the flexibility of trombonists today. Sometimes the trombonist needs a very warm, full tone, sometimes extreme dynamics towards pianissimo or fortissimo. Sometimes a very fast and direct response is required, and occasionally a gentle sound development is required. With “Edith” you can implement all of these.

The Edith trombone is an instrument in which the personal expertise of the active trombonist Nils Wogram, the sophisticated measuring technology of his father & engineer Klaus Wogram and our craftsmanship as an experienced manufacturer of brass instruments come together.

A great project – we are very proud of this collaboration!

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