Edgar Manyak

Künstler Edgar Manyak mit einer Posaune von Kühnl & Hoyer

solo trombonist at the Radio Symphony Orchestra Berlin (RSB)
professor for trombone at the University of Music in Basel
member of Kühnl Trombone Quartet

Edgar Manyak: “For over 20 years I have a close collaboration with the company Kühnl & Hoyer. My first contact began with Branimir Slokar, in whose quartet I played 15 years. The trombones of Kühnl & Hoyer inspired me from the very beginning. The finest craftsmanship, a beautiful sound, perfect intonation and the easy response motivated us to high performance. Also in the orchestra the trombone convinced and fits perfectly. By the intention of Kühnl & Hoyer to try out new ideas constantly, the instruments are always up to date and certainly have not to shy away from the competitors. It makes me happy and motivates me, after a long break, to playing an alto- and tenor trombone of Kühnl & Hoyer again. I can recommend every musician, professional or amateur, these top first class instruments.”

Bb/F-tenor trombone “Bolero traditional” – Model Manyak
Bb/F-tenor trombone “Slokar Performance”
Eb-alto trombone “Slokar alto”
Bb/F-bass trombone “.563″/1


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