Jürgen Zellner

Jürgen Zellner am Bariton

long-time trombonist at the Philharmonic Orchestra in Nuremberg

Over 30 years Jürgen Zellner worked as first trombonist at the Philharmonic Orchestra in Nuremberg before he took over the position of the bass trombone in 2000 and went into his well-deserved retirement in 2011. His experience and his commitment to the development and perfection of Kühnl & Hoyer trombone models, particularly in the “Bolero” edition, has become a vital capital for Kühnl & Hoyer. Jürgen Zellner is more than just co-developer, tester and assessors of Kühnl & Hoyer instruments. Through the many years of professional support, he has become a friend and a “Member”.

After his professional career Jürgen Zellner remains faithful to the music and Kühnl & Hoyer: he plays with enthusiasm the baritone “B 14” of the “Royal-Line” in the band “Die Böhmischen Franken”.

Bb-baritone “Royal-Line B14”
Bb-baritone Royal-Line “open flow”, 3 rotoary valves


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