Lars Arens

Arens an der Trompete

first trombone player of the “European Movement Jazz Orchestra”
docent for Jazz trombone at the universities of Lisbon and Porto
composer, arranger

Lars Arens about his trombone: „“I bought my first BvL 480/88 in 1996, when I still was studying with Bart. Concerning to the response, this first instrument feels a little bit more stolid. The next generation (bought in 2005) 480/88 is simply perfect: This trombone almost plays automatically! Accuracy in the response, brilliance in each register, especially in the low register – very often this is not the case with small jazz trombones. Due to the necessity of a bigger and darker sound, especially in the brass section in projects of African music, I broadened my range with a BvL 512.  This trombone also matches my expectations perfectly! Even colleagues, who are not brass players, notice the brilliance of these instruments! Kühnl & Hoyer trombones are first class instruments, which I appreciate as well as because of their sound and also because of their high-quality material and manufacture.”

Bb-tenor trombone Bart van Lier “.480/88“
Bb-tenor trombone Bart van Lier “.512“

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