Brian Scarborough

Brian Scarborough mit Posaune

Brian Scarborough is a top call trombonist, improviser, composer, and educator in the greater Kansas City area. As a musician, Brian is regularly booked as both a bandleader for his quintet and a sideman for many local and touring bands of various sizes, in jazz and other genres. Moreover, Brian is a veteran musician of musical theatre, having performed for more than 50 productions in the greater Kansas City area. Internationally, Brian has performed in the European circuit in jazz, classical, and chamber music idioms. Brian has received critical acclaim as a soloist from international competitions including the J.J. Johnson Jazz Trombone Competition, the ATW Jazz Trombone Competition, and the Gilberto Gagliardi Trombone Competition, and was voted Kansas City’s Favorite Jazz Trombonist in the 2022 Kansas City JAM Awards. Brian maintains a studio of private students and is equally passionate about creating new and interesting educational resources, having published several books and sharing additional resources on his website. Additionally, Brian is regularly on faculty for various jazz camps and presents masterclasses widely.

Brian: “Like many musicians, for years I went from one horn to another in search of the perfect match for me. A couple of years ago, I tried out the .512 bore Bart van Lier K&H trombone of a colleague. From the first notes I played on his trombone, it was clear that this is what I was looking for. From the moment I received my K&H trombone, I was in love with the sound, response, tuning, craftsmanship, and versatility of this instrument. Since I first got the horn a few years ago, it has continued to sound better and better, seemingly becoming even more comfortable and reliable. But most importantly, I feel that in this K&H trombone, I have found my voice as a trombonist.”

Bb-tenor trombone Bart van Lier „.512“ with variable weight system
Bb/F-tenor trombone “.527”

Foto © Andy Newbegin

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