Nabou Claerhout

Today, Nabou Claerhout is one of the most infectious and innovative jazz trombonists in the Benelux.

Since 2019, with her quartet NΔBOU and debut EP ‘Hubert’, she put herself on the map as one of the pillars of the new jazz generation in Belgium, both as a soloist and composer.
In 2021, she released her first full album ‘You Know’ with the quartet NΔBOU, accompanied by a series of concerts all over Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, France, … in the course of two years.

In addition to her quartet, Claerhout expands her ambitions and skills as a bandleader/composer
with several new projects:
– CLAERHOUT/BAAS/PEET: a trio with the Dutch musicians Reinier Baas (guitar) and Jamie Peet (drums)
– Trombone Ensemble Nabou Claerhout: a trombone ensemble with 5 trombones and a 3 piece rhythm section, with special guest Robin Eubanks featuring on the album.
– Lynn Cassiers & Nabou Claerhout: a duo where trombone, vocals and electronics intertwine
And besides that, she is a house composer (Artist in Residence) for the LOD-musical theatre company.

Bb-tenor trombone Bart van Lier “.500“

Foto ©Petra Beckers

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