Bart van Lier and Ilja Reijngoud on a big tour in Japan


NEW: multi-adjustable trigger

multi-adjustable trigger at Kühnl & Hoyer trombones with curved grip brace

Frankfurt music fair 2018

A big thank you

Master Class with Prof. Edgar Manyak

13.02. – 16.02.2018

Warmest holiday greetings …

January 2018

Bb-Trumpet “Fantastic” with MAW-valves *NEW*


New K&H bass trombone at Staatstheater Nürnberg

Bb/F/Gb/D-bass trombone “Orchestra bass“-traditional

Frankfurt music fair 2017

thank you

Kühnl & Hoyer Stierhörner

Kühnl & Hoyer Stierhörner in concert!

Big factory tour at Kühnl & Hoyer

International trombone players guesting in Markt Erlbach (June 2016)