Engelbert Wörndle

Wörndle mit Bariton open flow

former baritone player at “Innsbrucker Böhmische“
teacher for trombone, tenor horn
composer and arranger for all brass orchestra instrumentations

Engelbert Wörndle about his personal favourite model “Royal-Line B14”: “I use this baritone with the Innsbruck Böhmischen, because of the full and fascinating sound of this instrument. Also I can say that the intonation of this instrument is excellent. There are problem tones on every instrument but not at all on the baritone “Royal-Line B14”.”

Bb-baritone “Royal-Line B14”
Bb-baritone Royal-Line “open flow”
Bb/F-tenor trombone “Bolero” with “open flow”-valve
Bb-bass trumpet

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