German Musical Instrument Award 2021

Logo Deutscher Musikinstrumentenpreis 2021

For the 8th time Kühnl & Hoyer wins the German Musical Instrument Award

The Markt Erlbacher brass instrument manufacturer Kühnl & Hoyer has been producing brass instruments for more than 7 decades. The company relies on 100% production in Germany and delivers consistently high quality for a unique sound.

Hoyer wins the German Musical Instrument Award. This award makes it clear what a perfectly handcrafted team Kühnl & Hoyer has had for decades.
The award-winning instrument is the Bb/F-tenor trombone “Bolero” with “open flow” valve. This top model from the Bolero edition is the professional orchestral trombone for all styles. It convinces with selected materials concerning excellent response in all registers and intonation in the entire tone range. The test musicians also praised the very beautiful sound and the easy playability of this trombone. The award-winning model is equipped with a gold brass bell, brass slide and the K&H “open flow” valve with light rotor.
In addition to the perfect craftsmanship, it can also be played tirelessly for longer periods of time because of the special posture-friendly ergonomics and therefore the musician-making is a pure pleasure.
Kühnl & Hoyer would like to thank all of its employees. Each and every one of the team contributes their part to the successful Kühnl & Hoyer brand with their special expertise.

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