Ilja Reijngoud

Ilja Reijngoud

trombone player, composer, arranger, leader of the Big Band

Since 1998, Ilja Reijngoud has been teaching the trombone class at the Rotterdam Conservatory (with his previous teacher Bart van Lier) and at the Arnheim Conservatory. He directed workshops in Europe and America (Los Angeles, New Orleans, Amsterdam, The Hague, Liechtenstein/Vaduz) and published some of his compositions and arrangements (Warwick Music England). Ilja is a member in the Dutch Jazz Orchestra, Nueva Manteca, in the Cubop City Big Band and in many other famous Dutch bands. For his CD “The Shakespeare Album” (2009), he got the Edison Award 2009.

Ilja Reijngoud about his trombone: “Convincing characteristics: fantastic full sound – simply to play in the high and low registers – warm tone with lots of harmonics – great intonation – round bond – mobile flexibility – easy fast sound attack – flexible instrument – good for lead-trombone – section-play and solo – also perfect for classical and modern music.”

Bb-tenor trombone Bart van Lier “.480/88 MK II” with silver lead pipe

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