New trombone model in collaboration with Edgar Manyak

Manyak mit Posaune auf einem Baum

Edgar Manyak, principal trombone player at the Radio Symphony Orchestra Berlin, and Kühnl & Hoyer have been working together for many years. Edgar Manyak’s different experiences, which he gained in various German orchestras, have some influence in the development of the new trombone “Bolero traditional” – model Manyak. The personal model of Edgar Manyak, the Bb/F-tenor trombone “Bolero traditional”, is balanced and powerful in sound, problems with instrument transport are a thing of the past. It was developed a trombone whose bell (with screw ring) can be unscrewed. This screw ring on the bell flare provides a more focused sound. It is also possible to transport the instrument in a compact, flat case. The slide is provided with an exchangeable lead pipe. The “Bolero traditional” – model Manyak is also characterized by the “open flow” valve.

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