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Trombones of the “Slokar”-edition – superior instruments at the highest level

Kühnl & Hoyer joins a close and successful cooperation with Professor Branimir Slokar for many years.

Branimir Slokar about the trombones of the “Slokar”-edition: “I am very happy that it was possible to combine my experiences as an orchestra musician and soloist with the excellent knowledge of the Kühnl & Hoyer company in one instrument. These new trombones satisfy all demands that I place on an instrument. Especially I want to mention Dr. of Engineering, K. Wogram of the laboratory of musical acoustics at the Federal Institute of Physics and Technology in Braunschweig (Germany), whose research findings are the basis of our tuning slide. The special shape of this tuning slide enables very good high notes and an easy response. The versatility of our models offers the possibility for each trombone player finding the right instrument.”


Reduction of disturbance echoes!

Due to the special bend of the tuning bow, disturbance reflections are eliminated. This enables a very good high and an easy response.


A curved grip brace on body and slide for more playing comfort!

This innovative development guarantees a secure and tireless holding position of the instrument.

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