Uli Röser

Uli Röser

lives and works in Esslingen am Neckar. He was a member of the band “Mardi Gras.bb” for over 10 years, with whom he played over 600 concerts and recorded numerous CDs (including with Eomir Deodato) and film music. He likes to move with his work and often in the border areas between rock / pop and jazz.

With the band “Retro Brothers” he and his colleagues deal with the most diverse styles of jazz and popular music in a very idiosyncratic, humorous and virtuoso manner.

In the “Jazz Ensemble Baden Württenberg”, which is currently on tour with its program “Doors without Words”, his interest in cross-border programs is also evident.

Since 2014 he has been playing in the horn section of Udo Lindenberg’s panic orchestra and is also involved as the composer of the song “Kosmosliebe” on his latest record.

Bb-tenor trombone Bart van Lier “.512” with variable weight system

photo by „Kasia Bialy“

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