Fredi Sonderegger

Fred an einer Trompete

trombone player
freelance musician

The Kühnl & Hoyer trombones have given me my voice. With their rich sound and large variety of colours they have become irreplaceable. From the most exquisite smooth legato to the present and upfront attack – from the quietest entrances and melodies to the loudest climaxes – from the darkest pedal notes to the really focused high notes. These instruments really offer me what I need to express myself.
The “Bolero” tenor trombone is my main instrument in the orchestra. I enjoy it particularly because of its naturally dark and solid sound which can be brightened up whenever more presence is needed. These qualities combined with its sublime flexibility make it also my first choice for classic solo work and chamber music.
My “Signature Bass” trombone configured with a “Symphonic” slide, an “Open Flow” valve section and a 25cm “Orchestra” bell is an absolute joy to play, with its thick sound and responsiveness it serves me perfectly in the orchestra and in the commercial world. I even use it for jazz solos. What makes it so unique is the facts that while it is second to none in its low range, at the same time it is extremely colourful in the mid high range while staying true to its warm bass trombone sound.
My “Orchestra Alto” trombone with its Bb valve feels like an extremely agile modern instrument while offering me the classing German orchestra sound at the same time. It blends equally as well with a modern trombone section as it does with the alto voices in the choir.
The “Bart van Lier 480/488” is a special small bore trombone for me because I can cut though the loudest big band or Latin group while it can be played extremely sweetly in a ballad thought a microphone. Really two trombones for one!
I play all my Kühnl & Hoyer trombones completely in yellow brass with the exception of the light weight “Bart van Lier” slide. The Kühnl & Hoyer team have been wonderful in helping me to tweak my instruments to the way I love them.

Eb/Bb-alto trombone “Orchestra alto”
Bb/F-tenor trombone “Bolero Large“
Bb/F/Gb/D-bass trombone “Orchestra signature”
Bb-tenor trombone Bart van Lier “.480/88”

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