Karl Reissig

Karl Reissig

trumpet teacher at Musikschule Marburg e. V.,
trumpet lectureship at Justus-Liebig-University Gießen,
founder of Harmonic Brass

Karl Reissig about the Bb-trumpet “Spirit” S 1 silver plated: “This instrument convinces me through his enormous charisma and his precise intonation. The trumpet plays very directly. It evolves enormous power and vividness. The undertones are played easily too. It is fun playing this instrument. I can perform with the trumpet and this instrument mirrors my images. This trumpet leaves nothing to be desired. It doesn’t talk about workmanship and design of Kühnl & Hoyer – it is absolute top class! Everybody recommends such an instrument to his best friend!”

Bb-trumpet “Spirit“ S1
Bb/A-trumpet “Piccolo” Malte Burba
Bb-flugelhorn “Universal FL“ Malte Burba
Bb-cornet “Gabrielli”
Bb- and C-trumpets with rotary valves of K & H

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