Bb-Flugelhorn “Universal FL“ Malte Burba

Similar to illustration. Subject to technical and dimensional changes.

An excellent instrument in French style.

In order to enable every player to assemble the ideal combination for himself and the corresponding piece of music, the instrument has been designed to be used with two different lead pipes and two mouthpieces for flugelhorn and trumpet. For the soloist, this instrument offers a rich and full sound with the flugelhorn lead pipe and the specially designed flugelhorn mouthpiece. The trumpet player in a wind or brass band who requires an easy response und good endurance has with the trumpet lead pipe and the trumpet mouthpiece a practical alternative. Intonation and response are excellent in both versions! The optionally divisible weight system allows an individually adjustable variety of the sound and centering of the instrument.

revised 10/2020
The new flugelhorn “Universal FL” Malte Burba

No. 127 24

  • gold brass
  • bell diameter 160 mm (6.299″)
  • progressive bore
  • hand lapped stainless steel valves
  • 2 lead pipes for trumpet mouthpiece and flugelhorn mouthpiece
  • trigger on 3rd valve slide
  • 3 Amado water keys
  • matt gold lacquer
  • divisible weight system
  • trumpet mouthpiece 3C
  • flugelhorn mouthpiece F4.2
  • length 435 mm (17.126″)

Option: gold lacquer

Bb-Flugelhorn “Universal FL“ Malte Burba

Includes 19% MwSt. DE
Delivery Time: ca. 3 - 4 Werktage

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