Bb/F/Gb/D-Bass Trombone “Orchestra traditional“

Similar to illustration. Subject to technical and dimensional changes.

No. 186 23 BLZ

  • compact (traditional) wrap
  • gold brass
  • detachable bell with small rim (Kranz)
  • bell diameter 240 mm (9.5″)
  • dual bore 14,3/14,7 mm (0.563/0.579″)
  • conical BRONZE light weight slide with long water key and exchangeable brass lead pipe “B2”
  • 2 K&H-“open flow“-nickel silver rotary valves with light rotor, progressive bore
  • straight brace on body, curved grip brace on slide
  • adjustable trigger of domestic plum wood, adjustable trigger board on second valve lever
  • clear lacquer
  • mouthpiece KÜHNL bass 7.6D
snake ornamentations

screw ring on the bell flare
snake ornamentations
conical nickel silver slide, bore 14,3/14,7 mm (0.563/0.579″)

a master instrument – distinctive in sound and design

Bb/F/Gb/D-Bass Trombone “Orchestra traditional“

Includes 19% MwSt. DE
Delivery Time: ca. 3 - 4 Werktage

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