mouthpieces for trumpets/flugelhorns/cornets

Abbildung ähnlich. Technische und maßliche Änderungen vorbehalten.

No. 631 53 cornet 7 C, 3 C, 1 C, silver plated

No. 631 63 trumpet 7 C, 5 C, 3 C, 2 ½ C, , 1 C, silver plated

No. 631 64 pocket 3 c S, short shank, silver plated

No. 631 65 piccolo 5 FP + 5 FP Co shank, silver plated

No. 631 73 flugelhorn 2 FL, silver plated

No. 631 83
flugelhorn “F 4.2“ for flugelhorn “Universal“, silver plated
A flugelhorn mouthpiece which simply “fits” every musician and also harmonises with every instrument very well!
A full, soft flugelhorn tone, combined with light response and perfect intonation.

mouthpieces for trumpets/flugelhorns/cornets

Includes 19% MwSt. DE
Delivery Time: ca. 3 - 4 Werktage

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